One-on-One Sessions

During each session, a skilled instructor will evaluate your specific needs and will devise an individualized program purposely aimed at creating strength, flexibility and balance throughout the body. The instructor will work directly with you for the entirety of each session. Exercises will be selected to effectively address your long-term goals as well as any issues and concerns that may be present at particular session.

Single Session Prices:
Master Instructor   |   $105
Master Combo   |   $90
Certified Instructor   |   $90
Associate Instructor    |   $75
10 Session Package Prices:
Master Instructor   |   $950
Master Combo   |   $825
Certified Instructor   |   $775
Associate Instructor    |   $675

All sessions are 50-55 minutes in length.

Group Classes


Single Class  |   $40
10 Class Package  |   $325 (90 day expiration)
20 Class Package  |   $525 (90 day expiration)
Duet Single  |   $65
Duet Package of 10  |   $550 (per person)

All of our Pilates equipment classes are performed in an intimate setting which accommodates a maximum of five clients. Limited class sizes enable our instructors to provide individuals with feedback, corrections and modifications making for a safer, more personalized Pilates experience. Our high-quality classes are conducted in a fun, non-intimidating atmosphere that welcomes all individuals regardless of ability, fitness level, or experience.

Redcord Suspension

Redcord® is a functional suspension training system that activates the body’s core. It consists of three-dimensional exercises aimed to increase strength, muscular endurance, balance, coordination and core muscle stability. Redcord training has proven to be effective for preventing injury, enhancing athletic performance and improving daily function.

The innovative Redcord suspension system originates from Norway. Developed in 1990 for the purpose of physical therapy, Redcord has made its way to the Pilates and fitness world. Not only is Body and Core Pilates the most comprehensive Redcord studio in the Southeastern United States, we are also the premier Redcord education training site.


We have over 28 diverse Pilates classes each week, all taught by our own highly trained, certified instructors. They can then work with and challenge each client by customizing a program using the many tools available from Pilates and help them work towards their goals.

From Mat, Reformer, Tower, EXO Chair, Jumpboard and Ceruit classes you’ll always have great experience and a great workout at Body & Core Pilates!


“Body & Core is a great Pilates studio. The owner, Bernie, knows more about human physiology than anyone I’ve ever worked with. And he trains other Pilates instructors, including his own staff. Sowhether you are interested in individual or group sessions, you can’t choose a better place than BC”

—Glenn S

“I love Body and Core Pilates! The instructors are all fantastic and the classes are great!”

—Patricia S

“I love the service! The staff is very qualified.”

—Cheryl W

“I was a beginner in Pilates and a bit embarrassed about my lack of skill and knowledge. From the minute I walked in the door at Body and Core I felt welcomed and “a part” of this new community. My instructor has worked WITH me, my strengths and my physical limitations. My body feels strong and relaxed at the same time. My posture has been reatly improved which has made significant improvements in my lung function. I miss going to Body and Core on the days I am not there! Super place, super staff and super Pilates approach!!”

—Denna M

“Great personalized experience with very knowledgeable staff.”

—Rob T

“The staff at Body and Core Pilates are knowledgeable in understanding your individual needs and abili- ties. This is not an also-ran studio, that popped up overnight. They know the mind set it takes to achieve,balanced program for you.”

—Alice K

“Great instructors who love what they do and make sure the student is learning correctly...So important.”

—Nancy S

“Great environment, both teacher and students were warm and welcoming and Bernie is a wealth of knowledge of the most subtle workings of the body that will get you feeling great!”

—Lisa D

“I love the service! I love the way I feel and my aches and pains are gone. I see a change in my shape and posture. Body and Core has the biggest variety of equipment and classes, I change up my routine every day.

—Alayne K

“I always love the classes at Body & Core & have recommended them to my friends.”

—Pat N

“You have a very professional and knowledgeable staff. The studio is clean and well run. And the classes are a good work out but also fun! As a pure beginner, I could not have asked for a better introduction than my private classes with Barba- ra who always had my safety in mind and all the other terrific gals who have made the classes so enjoyable”

—Ann H

“I love the service! The staff is friendly and courteous. The one on one is great for me and she is very patient with my old, crippled body. I look to her as a friend as well as the owner. It’s a friendly place to go to help your mind body!”

—Julie R

“I love the service! I try and go 3 times a week. The studio is inviting in all the instructors are totally professional I feel so much better physically. Thank you to Body N Core”

—Iris P

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