About Body & Core Pilates

Body & Core Pilates of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, has made its mission to bring quality back to the fitness industry by creating sound bodies, sound minds, and vibrant spirits through client-specific Pilates techniques, giving everyone the attention they deserve. As instructors, it is our job to match up the client with the exercises that are best suited for him or her. We also strive to keep in mind the goal of the client and their abilities as we incorporate Pilates equipment, as well as complimentary tools (Redcord and CoreAlign).

Bernie Nelson, founder of Body & Core Pilates, has been delivering quality Pilates service for over 15 years after discovering Joseph Pilate’s Physical Fitness Method. Bernie’s team of instructors follow his lead and are inspired by the work they do to train clients each day.

Body & Core Pilates feels that the original work of Joseph Pilates Method (correcting muscular imbalances, improving posture, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility as well as increasing breath capacity and organ function) is the formula for physical and mental well-being. Body & Core Pilates will continuously strive to do the same as we believe in “BETTER BODY MOVEMENT FOR LIFE”.

Foundations of Body & Core Pilates


One of the hottest terms in fitness, core strength is what everyone is working on. Yet if you ask them what is the core? No answer will be the same. At Body & Core Pilates core strength comes down to being able to take on life’s activities without putting yourself at risk of injury.


Joseph Pilates the founder of this exercise method was a pioneer of functional movement.  He devised exercises and equipment that helped people from all arrays of life.  Majority of his work simulated movement that enhanced the needs of each client.


The works of Pilates is much more then just exercise or calisthenics.  It’s a mind body connection that requires individuals to focus and control ones body as it flows through precise maneuvers.  


A couple of main ingredients in a active lifestyle, balance and coordination is the groundwork behind Pilates.  Every exercise works on the concept of moving with proper alignment and control while always re-educating the muscles on proper timing and stability.


Over the years our lifestyle have grown to be more and more sedentary, thus our muscles become shorter and tighter.  This creates more tightness and compression of our spine and Joints.  To relieve this pressure that is put on our bodies we must stretch, but more important we must stretch with proper biomechanics.


Though we are not Physical Therapists, a majority of our clients will come to us with their aches and pains looking for us to help them feel better.  The earliest days of Pilates, Joe worked with people with a variety of physical limitation or injury’s.  Maintaining that movement heals and that there our goal is to create an enjoyable yet beneficial session is our primary job.


Our one-on-one sessions are just that.  One instructor with one client the entire session.  This allows us to really design each session around the clients needs.  Classically the instructor would follow a order or list of exercises, at Body & Core Pilates we tailor each workout to the needs of that client that day.


The Reformer classes are set up to have a maximum of 5 clients per class.  This allows us to adapt each class to challenge all the participants while still being able to modify to the needs of each client.  This keeps each class stimulating yet safe for everyone.


Not only do we have Reformer classes but we also have an assortment of other workout classes that will push every individual.   All of our classes have a maximum of 4 or 5 attendees.  Weather it’s a Redcord , CoreAlign, Chair, Mat or a combination of any of these apparatuses we are sure you can find a class suitable to each of our  clients needs.


Rest a sure when you come to our studio you are in good hands.  Body & Core Instructors all have been through or are competing a training program that fallows a national guide line for education in Pilates and other fitness modalities.  All our instructors are require to attend a minimum of 18 hours of continuing education every year.


If you are interested in learning to teach Pilates or other fitness modalities Body & Core Pilates is the studio for you.  Our educational program for Pilates is made up of over 500 hours of workshops, self practice, assisted teaching and teaching.   Once completed our graduates are qualified for the Pilates Method Alliance National Certification test.


One of the best additions to Body & Core Pilates was Redcord.  This suspension based training is like no other, for it was developed in Norway for Physical therapy in 1990 and has over 25 years of research in development.  Not only does our studio have the most Redcord equipment in the southeast united states but we are also the main training site for Redcord education.